• Christmas Services at St. Timothy's
    Christmas Services at St. Timothy's
  • Christmas Festival of Chamber Choirs
    Christmas Festival of Chamber Choirs
    2nd annual Christmas Festival of Chamber Choirs titled 'Of Love Begotten' was on Dec. 9, featuring local high schools ensembles and GAUDE, a cappella octet.
  • 2017 Ministry Faire
    2017 Ministry Faire
    Volunteers serve as liaisons to a variety of organizations which are supported by St. Timothy’s.
  • Welcome Home Sunday
    Welcome Home Sunday
    Rev. Todd Bryant gives his first sermon at St. Timothy at the 2017 Welcome Home Sunday.
  • Children's Time
    Children's Time
    Rev. Susan talks to the children on Welcome Home Sunday
  • Our High School Group talks about their trip
    Our High School Group talks about their trip
    High School teens talk about their Immersion Trip to Greenbrier County, WV in August to do a week of rural flood relief work.
  • St. Tim's Fellowship Hall & Sanctuary
    St. Tim's Fellowship Hall & Sanctuary
  • Fire in the Skies
    Fire in the Skies
  • Vacation Bible School
    Vacation Bible School

You have a spiritual home at St. Timothy’s!

We invite you to meet with us and encourage you to worship with us. You can find lots of helpful information here on our website–and we look forward to seeing you soon.



Christmas Eve
– 10 am Holy Communion & Combined Sunday morning worship
– 3 pm Holy Communion & Carols with Children’s Walk-On Pageant
– 5 pm Holy Communion & Carols with Youth Narrative & Children’s Walk-On Pageant
– 8 pm Christmas Music followed by Holy Communion, Homily & Carols

Christmas Day
– 10 am Holy Communion with Carols & Baptism

New Year’s Eve
– 10 am Holy Communion with Carols


Merry Advent friends,

I am thrilled to be here for my first Advent and Christmas at St. Timothy’s. Throughout this newsletter, you are going to find a wealth of ‘goings-ons’ from the beginning of December all the way to the new year. So jump in!

I want to think about Christmas in general with you. In our culture, Christmas has swallowed all of Advent. If it weren’t for the costumes, Santa would probably have eaten Halloween as well. Here is the gift of Advent moving toward Christmas that is so easily missed – December isn’t about Baby Jesus, but Beardy Jesus. It’s about preparing to meet the Lord in unexpected ways. This adult Jesus is decidedly hard to nail down. Our God is not a tame God and is always up to something.

The thing I have noticed about Christmas in general is that it has hijacked our sense of anticipation. The Santa industrial complex insists that we have Christmas in very pre-programmed ways. Unless you buy your beloved a new Lexus with a bright red bow parked on a snowy driveway, you are lacking.

Think back to how imperfect Mary and Joseph had it on their first Christmas. They had to sleep in a stinking barn. They definitely did not want to be part of Caesar’s census. And I am guessing that a bunch of stinky shepherds gawking at Mother and Child was not on the top of Mary’s wish list. But her faith, our faith, is to trust that God will lead and love us even when we seem to be on a detour or dead-end.

Not even Jesus can make the perfect Christmas / family season. With God’s help, let’s let go (just a little) of the perfect tree, perfect party, or the just right holiday pictures. What if we let go of the idea that our families are supposed to act a certain way? Let go of all the Amazon packages arriving on time. I know it’s corny, but beardy and baby Jesus is the reason for the whole season. And by the way, I will be listening to Christmas music in my car during Advent! I know the tried and true Episcopalians are clutching their pearls at the thought. Happy Advent, Merry Christmas, and have a blessed New Year.

Pastor Todd