Our Stories


Each month, we share a few simple affirmations in the thoughts, prayers, and wishes of our St. Timothy’s parish community.

This is your space – your opportunity – to offer encouraging examples from your spiritual journey and what you enjoy about your church life with us.

Please consider posting here – a short paragraph will do. Just email us below. We’ll be happy to include your name, or you can post anonymously.

Thanks for sharing.


Here are quotes from our parishioners this month:

“We’ve been coming to St. Timothy’s for about five years now, and we love the welcoming spirit. In my own path, I have really liked the inclusive community. Other churches we’ve attended either had a ton of rules or little chances to serve. Here we get to be involved and do many activities that help others and make our lives more rewarding at the same time.”

“I’ve found a lot of comfort in reading our lectionary scriptures. I find that just reading the verses and sitting quietly for a half-hour or so before a service really prepares me emotionally and spiritually to receive the word of God during the service times.”

“I think the Rector Search campaign is giving all of us a great chance to take another close look at St. Tim’s, and what we all hope it can be. I’m excited to find out the new Rector, and see us grow in new ways.”

“I want to suggest that we tell the wider community more about what Tim’s offers. There are a lot of great programs here. Maybe we just need to advertise better, like getting the word out about the Labyrinth walk. I think we’d see more people join if they knew all the great things we do here together.”

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