Make a Pledge

Make a difference. Support the mission and ministries of St. Timothy’s.

Although stewardship is not just about money, our attitude toward money and the ways we choose to spend it are powerful indicators of both our recognition of what God has given us, our thankfulness for those gifts, and what is important to us.

Our financial giving, then, should be an intentional reflection of these aims. A useful measure for assessing our financial giving is as a percentage of income, rather than a dollar amount. A tithe (10% of income) is the biblical standard of giving. For most, the tithe is a goal to be reached through incremental increases each year.

Annual pledges support everything we do at St. Timothy’s, and your pledge commitments give us a financial foundation on which to develop our programs and our budget. Every pledge, no matter what its size, is a valuable contribution to our mission and ministry and a powerful statement of our commitment to work together in the building of our community and God’s kingdom.

If you would like to make an annual pledge, you can go here ONLINE GIVING or download and fill out our 2017 PLEDGE CARD.