Adult Education Classes

Join us on most Sundays throughout the Church Calendar year for a number of informative and engaging Adult Education classes.

Classes typically run in sessions that last 3-5 consecutive Sundays and are held in Grace House from 10:00-10:50 a.m. (during our Coffee Hour between services).

Trained Christian educators, lay leaders, clergy, and even popular guest speakers conduct the classes.

Subject matter usually ranges from Bible-based commentary to theological inquiries to spiritual reflection practices (see a partial list of recent topics below).

Study materials are often based on a current book, video presentation, online seminar, liturgical scripture, or informal personal journey sharing.

We look forward to seeing you at a class very soon – and hearing your interesting thoughts!

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Also check out deeper Christian life explorations in our Education for Ministry classes.

Adult Teaching Series – Acts
Adult teaching series on the book of Acts found in the New Testament. This teaching time is from 10:15 to 10:45 in the Overby Conference Room. Come and check it out. Bring your heart and head into the mix. Pick up your coffee and come to Grace House!  For more info conact: Pastor Todd Bryant;

    Nov 5 – Acts 8 – everybody run!
    Nov 12 – Acts 9 – Phillip, Simon, and the Ethiopian.
    Nov 19 – [Grace House] Homelessur Climunity – Speaker: Mary Fenalon from the Multi Faith Action Coalition
    Nov 26 [ Parish Hall] Goodies, fellowship and the Rector will lead us in Christmas Carols!
    Dec 3 – Back to Acts 10 — Peter is bringing the pork chops to dinner.
    Dec 10 – Acts 11 – Antioch is the center of the universe.
    Dec 17 – Acts 12 – Peter gets out of prison, but his friends don’t believe him

“Disturb Us, Lord” Prayer