Adult Education Classes

Join us on most Sundays throughout the Church Calendar year for a number of informative and engaging Adult Education classes.

Classes typically run in sessions that last 3-5 consecutive Sundays and are held in Grace House from 10:00-10:50 a.m. (during our Coffee Hour between services).

Trained Christian educators, lay leaders, clergy, and even popular guest speakers conduct the classes.

Subject matter usually ranges from Bible-based commentary to theological inquiries to spiritual reflection practices (see a partial list of recent topics below).

Study materials are often based on a current book, video presentation, online seminar, liturgical scripture, or informal personal journey sharing.

We look forward to seeing you at a class very soon – and hearing your interesting thoughts!

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Also check out deeper Christian life explorations in our Education for Ministry classes.

Adult Teaching Series – Acts

Starting Sept 17th, the adult teaching series will cover the book of Acts found in the New Testament and will be led by Pastor Todd. The class will be approximately 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. on Sundays.

September 17: introduction to Acts and overview.
September 24: more overview and Acts 1 – the ascension
October 1: Acts 2 – Pentecost and Jewish roots & more 10,000 foot views
October 8: Acts 3 – Peters gets his groove
October 15: Acts 4 – persecution and the beginning of the hippie commune
October 22: things get weird in Haight-Ashbury
October 29: Covenant Sunday – no adult Ed

If you want to get ahead in the class here’s some great videos to prep you. We will watch some in class

One of my favorite resources is called the Bible project and they do overviews of themes and biblical texts

Bible project – Acts 1-12 – about eight minutes
Bible project – Acts 13-28– also around eight minutes
The whole book of Acts in 3 mins from a non-denominational church

Samples from past classes include the following:

Speaking Christian

Everyday Spirituality

The Life of Jesus